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Andrew Jelley Opticians
Andrew Jelley Opticians

Courtesy of our friends at Andrew Bird Hearing Ltd we are able to offer Hearing tests and more at our branches in Tenbury and Bromyard.

Andrew Bird Hearing Ltd is completely independent, this means that they can dispense the hearing aid that best suits your loss unlike non-independent hearing aid companies that are usually backed by specific manufacturers and therefore can only dispense their own and limited products.

They do not believe in pressure sales and pride themselves on their aftercare. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the initial consultation in order to involve all those effected by the loss and offer support to the individual who is being tested.


Services include:

  • FREE comprehensive hearing test

  • Invisible, digital hearing aids

  • Custom noise protection

  • Home visits on request

  • Industrial hearing testing

  • Free aftercare for the

  • life of your hearing aid

  • 60 day money back guarantee

  • + 2 year warrantee with all hearing aids

  • Tinnitus and ear protection advice

  • Microsuction earwax removal

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