COVID-19 Update June 2020

An update on resuming our Services

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. As we start to see the easing of restrictions, we are sure that our patients, old and new, will have questions regarding their eye care under these new conditions. 

Andrew Jelley Opticians has remained open throughout the Covid19 pandemic to give advice, repair spectacles, and see patients for Emergency, Urgent and Essential Eye care as per the guidelines set by our professional bodies. 


The good news is we are now able to see patients for Routine NHS and Private eye examinations! 


​However, things are not ‘back to normal’ just yet! When you come to visit, you will see we have made changes to the way the practices look and operate to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible. 


​Both practices are now open every weekday and we will be sending reminder letters to those patients concerned shortly. We are anticipating many of you have been waiting patiently at home to have your routine check-ups and bent glasses repaired but as we will now explain, there are restrictions on the number of patients we can see each day, and we would appreciate your continued patience during this period while we catch up! 

​If you are having problems with your vision, or feel that your spectacles need changing and you require an eye examination, please contact us via telephone or email:
​Bromyard:     01885 488259
Tenbury Wells:     01584 811445

If you are not having any eye problems and are happy with your current glasses, we politely ask that you postpone booking a routine appointment for a little longer so that we may prioritise those patients with greater needs. 


Are there new arrangements when booking an appointment?


For the time being, we are unable to operate an ‘open-door’ policy as we did prior to COVID19. In order to maintain social distancing, and appropriately shield our more vulnerable patients while they are attending the practice, the number of patients in the practice at any given time will be restricted. Therefore, we will be seeing patients by appointment only and will not be able to invite you through the door without having made a prior appointment. This includes all our services: eye examinations, contact lens appointments, choosing new glasses, having glasses fitted, adjusted, or repaired, as well as collecting your spectacles or contact lenses. 

If you require any of our services, please contact the practice to make an appointment
​Bromyard:   01885 488259       Tenbury Wells:   01584 811445     

Our staff will ask you more questions and take more details when booking your appointment to ensure you are seeing the most appropriate person at the most appropriate time, as well as enabling us to prioritise those patients that need to be seen more urgently. We are also required to ask questions to screen you for symptoms of COVID19. 


We anticipate our phone lines may be quite busy at times and we are grateful for your understanding while we answer each query. Please call back again or alternatively send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible. 


Is it safe to visit the practice? What is the practice doing to protect me?

Rest assured we are taking this very seriously and it is our priority to protect all our patients and staff! You will notice we have made significant changes in the practices and adapted the way we work to reflect this.

Regular disinfecting: Appointment times are more spread out to allow disinfection to take place in between patient visits, including equipment, spectacle frames, chairs, tabletops, doors, handles and pens!

Social distancing: We are extremely fortunate that we have spacious practices so keeping 2m apart is relatively easy. In the nicer weather we have been taking full advantage of our lovely garden areas to see patients.

Protective screens:
Our reception desks and dispensing stations have protective screens in place, providing that extra protective barrier whilst allowing a clear view for conversation. 

Hand sanitisers: Hand sanitising gel is available throughout the practice. We encourage you to sanitise your hands upon entering the practice and before our dispensing staff invite you to handle spectacle frames.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All our staff are equipped with the correct level of PPE including gloves, aprons, facemasks and shields. It does look a little strange, but we are getting used to it!






















How will my eyes be tested under these new conditions?


Eye Examination changes:

Current guidance from our professional bodies recommend we limit the amount of time patients spend in the consulting room due to the proximity required for your eyes to be examined. However, this will not jeopardise the quality of your eye examination, which is especially important to us, it just means we will be doing things a little differently for now.  


Previously, the initial part of your examination was spent discussing any eye problems you were having with your Optometrist, which will now be done before your visit to the practice. More details will be taken regarding your symptoms and spectacle needs at the time of booking your appointment or by way of a call back from one of our qualified staff where  appropriate. Certain appointment types can even be carried out remotely by way of a video-link consultation using your computer or smart phone! 


Once in the practice, we will prioritise the time spent with you in the consulting room to perform all the essential parts of the eye examination including: Refraction (measuring your spectacle prescription) and Internal and External Ocular Health Assessments. To enable us to do this in an appropriate timeframe we will utilise our high-tech equipment including video slit-lamp and OCT 3D scanner.

Discussing results is a vital part of your eye examination and in most cases will be done in the consulting room. In the case of a longer conversation being required, such as discussing an onward referral, advice may be given over the phone later that day to keep contact time to an appropriate length.


How will I choose new glasses under these new conditions?

Dispensing spectacles changes:

Your Dispensing Optician will speak with you prior to your visit to the practice to discuss your spectacle requirements, including lens and frame options to optimise your time spent in the practice. Each frame handled will be sanitised afterwards so you may not get to try them all on!

When visiting the practice: ​

  • Please arrange an appointment before attending the practice

  • If you have any COVID19 symptoms or think you may have COVID19, please let us know in advance. Do not attend the practice if you are symptomatic or suspect you have COVID19!!

  • We politely request that adults come alone to their appointment or let us know beforehand if this is not possible. For children attending, we ask that only one parent accompanies them and wherever possible please avoid bringing siblings along. 

  • You may wear your own face mask/covering and disposable gloves when attending the practice. Please bear in mind that you may need to remove your face mask/covering during your eye examination as unfortunately they tend to steam up the equipment.

  • We would appreciate payments to be made by card. When arranging to collect your spectacles or contact lenses, you will have the opportunity to make a card payment over the phone to help reduce the amount of contact time in the practice.

Thank you for your continued support and remarkable patience during these times, please
continue to Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

Best wishes

All the Staff at Andrew Jelley Opticians

To all our patients and the community:

Thank you for supporting your local, independent optometry practice.

We look forward to seeing you soon