We are currently operating as an eye-emergency service ONLY, arranged via telephone triaging.

NHS GP surgeries and Hospitals are currently overloaded doing an amazing job battling the effects of the Coronavirus. During this pandemic, our responsibility as eye care professionals is to prevent members of the public attending GP surgeries, A&E or Hospital Eye Units with unnecessary eye-related problems that we are qualified to help with.

If you feel you have an eye emergency, please contact us by telephone for advice:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am-1pm 

Bromyard practice: 01885 488259

Tenbury Wells practice: 01584 811445

you can also email us at: reception@ajopticians.co.uk

We are operating on reduced staff levels so we appreciate your patience during this very difficult time. If necessary, you may need to travel to our other practice so please bear that in mind. As you will be attending for a “medical appointment” it is NOT in breach of current UK lockdown guidance.


Our clinics will be accessible as follows:

Bromyard: 9am-1pm on Mondays and Thursdays

Tenbury Wells: 9am-1pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The safety of our staff and patients is of the upmost importance.

If you have, or think you may have symptoms of COVID-19, we will not be able to assess you,

in order to reduce the spread of the virus and SAVE LIVES!

We are able to offer secure video consultations for those with access to a smartphone. You will need your NHS number to access this service, which you should be able to find on any NHS letter or document you may have received, including prescriptions, test results, and hospital referral or appointment letters

What is an eye emergency?


If, in the past few days, you have experienced:
•    Sudden onset flashes and floaters
•    Sudden loss of vision
•    Sudden onset distorted vision
•    Suspect foreign body – especially if you have been DIY-ing or gardening recently (Please remember to wear eye protection!)

•    Contact lens emergency – red, painful eye or a stuck lens that you cannot get out yourself.
•    Significant pain or discomfort (this means that it will keep you up at night!)

    If you have a watery, gritty, itchy, dry, irritated, mildly red eye, it is NOT an emergency. Try bathing the eye, use warm/hot flannel compresses and over the counter ocular lubricants. Please click on the link below to access our dry eye page.

I have broken my glasses

If you have broken your glasses, and without them it is detrimental to your well-being, or if you are a key-worker and you need them to continue working, please phone us.

Hopefully, we will be able to repair them on the same day, and we will do our best to do this as a first option. If they are beyond repair and you are an existing patient with us, we will have all the necessary details to replicate (or as close as possible) the glasses to your specifications remotely. This means you will not need to attend the practice, and we can then post them out to you ASAP.

I have glasses or contact lenses on order

If you have ordered glasses, be assured that our labs are still working and your glasses or contact lenses will be ready in time. We will call you to advise you that they are ready, and we will organise a delivery for when it is convenient for you.

I am a contact lens wearer

We have been assured by all contact lens manufacturers that there is NO issue with supply of contact lenses. If you are on our Direct Debit Scheme, we will still be receiving your lenses as normal, and we will contact you to arrange collection or delivery. 

If you are not on our direct debit scheme but need a new supply of contact lenses, please phone or email the practice and we will be able to order these for you.

Please note that contact lens wear is safe but does carry an increased risk of eye infections. If you have any symptoms whether it be Coronavirus or the common cold, we would advise you not to wear your contact lenses. The last thing you need at the moment is a serious eye infection that requires a trip to hospital!!

Please stay safe

Best Wishes